R2R Event Logger User Guide  

How to use the R2R ELOG distribution

The R2R EventLogger uses the ELOG application https://midas.psi.ch/elog . The Electronic Logbook (ELOG) can be used to store and retrieve messages through a Web interface.
On the vessel, the EventLogger is running on a server provided by R2R. The EventLogger URL can be accessed via any browser on the shipbord science network via:
http://[elog server]:8090/
This address will be directed to the configuration page (http://<elog server>:8090/<cruiseID>/?cmd=ecfmhome) which indicates the cruiseID that is currently running.

On shore, an ELOG server is accessible for pre-cruise configuration. Each ship has a default configuration that includes the instruments known to be available on that ship. Each cruise has a unique configuration that is customizable by the science party for that cruise.

This document is arranged roughly in the order that a science user will use the R2R EventLogger from the initial contact with the R2R Team, through ELOG configuration, use and post-cruise access to the event data.

The R2R EventLogger is part of the larger R2R (Rolling Deck to Repository) program. Further details about R2R can be found here: http://www.rvdata.us/overview


The Quickstart Guide is designed to provide the most useful instructions in a concise format. Links to more detailed documentation are provided within the Guide.

 Initial Contact 

During cruise planning, the Chief Scientist will decide whether to use the R2R EventLogger on the cruise. Contact with the R2R Team is optional but useful for planning purposes and to alert support personnel. Provide a few details about the cruise using the form found here: http://www.rvdata.us/contact/elog
Using the information provided on the form, a member of the R2R ELOG Team will create a link that can be used to pre-configure the EventLogger for their cruise before they arrive at the ship.
A configuration file that was created and downloaded on shore can be modified once it has been uploaded to the ship's EventLogger.
The configuration can also be done at the ship upon arrival there for the cruise.

 R2R ELOG Pre-cruise 

When a shoreside configuration is desired, the Chief Scientist will receive an email from the R2R team that includes a link to the R2R Pre-cruise Configuration page for their cruise. The following information is needed to complete the configuration:

The R2R Pre-cruise Configuration page has a list of the ship's instruments as defaults.

Once the participant and instrument information have been entered, the configuration can be saved and downloaded to bring to the ship. Interim versions of the configuration can be saved and completed later.
A partial configuration can be downloaded, brought to the ship and completed there. Or the configuration can be performed at the ship.

Complete details of how to complete the R2R Pre-cruise configuration form can be found here: Pre-Cruise Configuration

 Arrival at Ship/New Cruise 

The scientist arrives at the ship with or without a Pre-cruise Configuration file. From any computer on the ship's network, using a browser, go to:

http://<elog server>:8090/
which is directed to:
http://<elog server>:8090/<cruiseID>-SE/?cmd=ecfmhome
The elog server may be the name or IP Address of the shipboard elog server (different from the shoreside server where pre-cruise configuration may have been done) and will be provided by the Shipboard Technician.

Complete details of what to do upon arrival that the ship can be found here: Arrival at Ship

 Event Collection 

Event Collection Process
To enter an event, select the New tab at the top of the window.

When done and ready to enter the event, click on the Submit button (at the top or bottom of the window). Click List to return to full listing of events.
When Submit is clicked; date, time, and GPS are updated to the time of the Submit.
Complete details about Event Collection can be found here: Event Collection

 End of Cruise 

At the end of the cruise, once all the events have been entered, event collection is stopped. Archive and CSV files can be downloaded for use by the science party on shore. Data can be viewed using the provided CSV(comma separated variables) file in a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or ELOG can be installed locally to view the events as they were seen while being captured by the R2R Event Logger.
Complete details about the End of Cruise sequence can be found here: End of Cruise

 More information 

For more information or if you have additional questions about the current cruise ELOG send email to: elog@rvdata.us


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